Every order comes with the guarantee that materials are accurate, high-quality, and high value. We stand by our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality pipe at the best price. From procurement to delivery, our value-driven process is our promise.

Our Proven Method Ensures Quality & Value

  1. Material is verified pre-purchase by one of our experts, who then provides thorough reporting.
  2. Our inventory is traceable and transparent. This means you’re able to view details on any item in our system, including images, condition, stencils, rack location, and order numbers.
  3. All 3rd Party inspections are immediately followed by categorization, which improves accuracy.
  4. Detailed inventory data is cataloged and/or archived on secure servers.
  5. Our facilities and yards meet the highest industry standards to ensure quality.

Quality Pipe & Piling At Discount Prices

THI Pipe & Piling delivers high-quality pipe that consistently surpasses industry standards. With our highly experienced and connected team, we can offer our customers better pipe at better prices. That’s our promise and it’s what we do best. THI is able to offer you trusted, unparalleled quality with the assurance that your purchase is accurate and reliable.



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